Molluscan Research

Volume 35, Issue 3, 2015

Glacidorbidae (Gastropoda: Heterobranchia) in South America: revision and description of a new genus and three new species from Patagonia

The genus Antillophos from the China seas, with description of a new species

New record for Galba neotropica (d'Orbigny, 1835) in Argentina, with a detailed analysis of its morphology and molecular characteristics

Seasonal changes of progesterone and testosterone concentrations throughout gonad maturation stages of the Mexican octopus, Octopus maya (Octopodidae: Octopus)

Population dynamics of Turbo militaris (Gastropoda: Turbinidae) on rocky shores in a subtropical marine park: implications for management

Functional phenotypic plasticity of the endolithic mytilid Leiosolenus curtus (Lischke, 1874) (Bivalvia: Mytilidae)

The living morphology and movement of the temperate Australian marine snail Sukashitrochus pulcher (Petterd, 1884) (Vetigastropoda: Scissurellidae)

The Indo-Pacific oyster Spondylus spinosus Schreibers, 1793 in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea: reproductive features


Issue 155, August 2015

A revolution in wafer clams (Tellinidae)

Chemo-ecological and natural products research on a muricid

Evidence for Phyllocoma eburnea as a valid species

Latest News

Molluscs 2015 - Early Bird Rates Extended for Speakers

Abstract submission has been extended to 1st November, and speakers are eligible for early bird rates until then. Click here for more details.

Travel Grant Recipients Awarded

Congratulations to the successful applicants for travel grants to attend the Molluscs 2015 conference:

* Felix Vaux (Massey University) - Paraphyly and invasion in New Zealand true whelks

* Gustav Kessel (Victoria University of Wellington) - A limpet's legacy: carry-over effects between life stages and generations caused by global change stressors

* Ting Hui Ng (National University of Singapore) - Not in the least concern: Current status of Pila scutata in Peninsular Malaysia

* Raveendhran Ravindesh (University of Kerala) - Molulscan fauna of Lakshadweep islands, India: diversity and conservation challenges

* Luisa Teasdale (Unviersity of Melbourne) - Using next generation sequencing to resolve deep phylogenetic relationships in the land molluscs (Eupolmonata)

* Vineet Vaibhav (Macquarie University) - Identification of disease resistance biomarkers in Sydney Rock Oysters

* Kehani Manson (University of Wollongong) - Facing the heat: thermal stress, infrared thermography and intertidal gastropods

2014 Molluscan Research Ahievement Award Winners

New Honorary Member

We are pleased to announce that Des Beechey has accepted Council's offer of Honorary Membership based on his years of contributions to malacology and the MSA, dating back to 1968 and including setting the high standard for our Newsletter.