Molluscan Research

Volume 36, Issue 4, 2016

Macro-gastropod communities of aquaculture-intensive lakes

Dependence of endangered aboreal snail on Ficus trees

Aphally in the sytlommatophoran land snail Phaedusa

Thermoregulatory behaviour and thermal tolerance of three species of Conidae

A new cryptic species distinguished from Ischnochiton comptus

Is Trdacna maxima at Ningaloo Reef?

Diet of the endemic bivalve Solen Cylindraceus

First seep-dwelling Desbruyeresia species discovered

Embryonic development of a solar-powered nudibranch


Issue 159, October 2016

Impending 60th Anniversary Celebration for the MSA

Dredging for Molluscs Off South-Eastern Tasmania

Conference Review, 19th World Congress of Malacology

The Deep-Sea genus Cantrainea in Australian Waters

2015 Molluscan Research Achievement Award

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Opportunity to Join MSA Council

The MSA is seeking an interested Member to join the Council as Secretary in 2017. No previous experience is necessary. Please email for further information.

2016 AGM

The AGM of the MSA will be held on 8 December at 2pm AEST (note this is 3pm for those in daylight savings on the east coast). The meeting will be held via teleconference, and all Members will receive an email with instructions for partipating.

2015 Molluscan Research Achievement Award

Congratulations to Kris Cooling who won this award for his contribution to the paper 'Population dynamics of Turbo militaris on rocky shores in a sub-tropical marine park' based on his Honours project.