Molluscan Research

Volume 35, Issue 4, 2015

Study on the behaviour of dormancy breaking in Cathaica fasciola

Phylogenetic relationships of two freshwater pearl mussels

Evolution and adaptive radiation in the Mytiloidea

New Zealand living Solemyidae

Two new species of Ovassiminea from tropical Australia

On the land snail Damochlora and its cryptic sibling Nannochlora n. gen., each endemic to an island in the Western Australian Kimberley


Issue 155, August 2015

A revolution in wafer clams (Tellinidae)

Chemo-ecological and natural products research on a muricid

Evidence for Phyllocoma eburnea as a valid species

Latest News

Molluscs 2015 a Huge Success

Read our conference wrap-ups in the latest newsletter or here.

AGM 2015

Read the 2015 AGM Minutes, President's Report, and Treasurer's Report

Molluscs 2015 Student Winners

Congratulations our student winners at our recent conference. Gustav Kessel won 1st place for his presentation, A limpet's legacy: carry-over effects between life stages and generations caused by global change stressors . Sara Jacquet, David Rudd, Matt Nimbs, and Iva Popovic were runner up winners.

New Honorary Member

We are pleased to announce that Winston Ponder has accepted Council's offer of Honorary Membership based on extensive contribution to malacology and the MSA, including his efforts to ensure the high scientific calibre of the journal.