Marine Micromollusc Workshop

Location: Queenscliff Marine Science Laboratory, Queenscliff, Victoria

Dates: 30 Nov – 3rd Dec., 2012, following the Molluscs 2012 meeting

Workshop organizer: Dr Winston Ponder

Another scientist that assisted in running the workshop was Dr Rosemary Golding.

Micromolluscs comprise a very large proportion of marine molluscan diversity with representatives from most molluscan classes, particularly gastropods and bivalves. However, their identification and study is hampered by a lack of easily accessible information.

This two day workshop will provided participants with a good introduction to the identification and study of micromolluscs and will included the topics listed below.

Outline of Workshop topics

  • A general introduction to collection, sorting and preservation of micromolluscs
  • Collection of living material in the field.
  • Examination of samples and living material.
  • Distinguishing micromolluscs from juvenile larger molluscs.
  • Identification of groups (orders, families, and in some cases genera) and an introduction to their biology.
  • Focus on some of the commoner and more diverse families.
  • Introduction to literature and aids to identification of genera and species.
  • Some methods for examining micromolluscs – including photography and scanning electron microscopy.
  • Given the location of the workshop, the emphasis will be on taxa found in SE and southern Australia.