The MSA Newsletter, published since 1953, appears quarterly. Members receive the current newsletter via email, with issues posted here a year later.

The newsletter covers the whole scope of malacology, including taxonomy, ecology, fisheries, natural history and shell collecting. Regular items include new literature, books and web sites, conference announcements and reports, branch news and book reviews.

The current newsletter editor is Platon Vafiadis.

Submission guidelines:
1. Use plain text (NO FORMATTING). Send attachments in plain DOC, RTF or TXT format, or include plain text in an E-mail message.
2. If there are pictures, DO NOT EMBED them in the file, but send them separately.
3. Pictures may be in colour, grayscale or black and white.
4. Pictures have to be at least 800 pixels wide. The resolution does not matter. We will change it.
5. If unsure, please contact us first.

Platon Vafiadis

Past Newsletters:

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2018164, February165, May166, August167, November
2017160, January161, April162, July163, November
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